Why aren’t my A/C fans spinning? We explain the reasons

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As we’re sure you know already, your air conditioning system is made up of two different halves: one for indoors, and one for outdoors.

Last week, we covered freezing, an issue that can afflict many outdoor units if the conditions aren’t ideal.

This week, we’re going to cover another issue that pops up when we’re called up to provide aircon service and repairs: a malfunctioning fan.

This is one of the most common air conditioner repairs our team encounters, regardless of whether you use a ducted air con system or a split system.

As the component that’s responsible for blowing your now-cooled air back into your home, a fan problem can naturally result in your home comfort taking a dive.

If your fan isn’t spinning, you won’t need to just sit there and spin your wheels so to speak while you try to figure out what to do next – here’s what you can do…

How do I fix my outside AC fan not running?

The first question you’re going to ask yourself when you run into this problem is whether or not you’re able to do anything yourself.

Truth be told, there’s no easy answer to this question, since there are a whole bunch of different issues that may result in your fans no longer working.

The proper solution – as well as whether or not you can fix the issue on your own – will depend on the exact diagnosis.

For instance, fan issues arising from electrical issues will require professional intervention – after all, electricity is dangerous, even for experienced and trained technicians like ourselves.

As a general rule however, we recommend getting in touch with a professional for air conditioner repairs in Brisbane.

The reason is simple: DIY comes with risks, and usually simply isn’t worth it.

For starters, DIY work can end up voiding your air conditioning warranty. Another problem is the risk of getting something wrong – after all, you’re not a qualified technician like we are. And what if you inadvertently injure yourself along the way?

Long story short, it simply isn’t worth it!

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Why is my AC outside unit fan not turning on?

How burnt out motors stop your fans from working

Fan motors are what power your fans.

They also go through a lot of wear and tear, and can burn out when they undergo too much stress or aren’t maintained properly.

While it depends on the condition your fan motor is in, oftentimes a better solution to repairing a bad fan motor is simply replacing it outright, depending on the age and condition of your system.

This is something only a professional air conditioning technician can do for you.

Not only do we have the know-how and skill to diagnose and fix the issue, but we also have connections to suppliers which allows us to source replacement motors when your motor dies on you.

What happens if my AC capacitor goes bad?

The blood and guts of your air conditioning system rarely get much airtime.

And when they do, it isn’t usually the capacitor that gets mentioned.

Simply put, the capacitor stores up energy similar to a battery. This stored electricity is used to kick-start a motor, which means powering the compressor, the indoor blower fan and the outdoor fan when it comes to your air conditioner.

Needless to say, capacitor problems can stop your fan from spinning.

Whether it’s wear-and-tear, an electrical problem or a capacitor just reaching the end of its useful life and dying on you, your system’s fans will be stopped spinning, leading to a faulty fan and a nonfunctional system.

Will my AC fan run if the compressor is bad?

While the compressor in most systems isn’t directly responsible for powering your fans, it still has an important – albeit indirect – role to play in making your fan run.

And it’s all thanks to a little component we call an air conditioning contactor.

An air conditioner contactor is a vital electrical switch that controls the compressor and condenser fan motor. The contactor is located inside your compressor unit, and sends voltage to the condenser and the fan so that they can run.

Just as with any other component, this tiny part of your compressor can go bad with time, preventing the outside fan from working optimally.

In cases of more severe compressor issues  or cases where you use an old system that hasn’t received official support for years however, it might be more cost-effective to simply arrange for complete air conditioning replacement.

It’s a power issue

It could be a worn electrical connection or frayed connection preventing power from flowing to your fan. Alternatively, it could be an overheating issue that’s triggering your system’s in-built breaker system.

Either way, power-related issues like this should be looked at by a professional.

Normally, that means calling an electrician instead of an air conditioning specialist. Of course, the thing with a sparkie is that while they can fix electrical issues, they can’t diagnose the other issues that can pop up in your air conditioning system.

Luckily for you, our talented air conditioning team also includes licensed electrical experts – that’s why we include the word “electrical” in our name! We can diagnose and fix electrical faults in your system as well as cooling problems.

How do I know if my AC fan motor is bad?

Now you know what causes your fan to stop working – but how can you determine if your fan has run into an issue without taking the thing apart?

After all, the first step in getting a problem fixed is figuring out that you have one in the first place!

In order to do that however, you’ll need to know what warning signs to look out for.

Your AC fan doesn’t turn on

This is the hardest-to-miss symptom that your air conditioning fan isn’t working.

After all, it’s the fan’s job to blow your now-cool air back into your home or workplace for you to enjoy – if this isn’t happening, it’s a pretty clear sign that something’s wrong.

If you can hear your compressor working but don’t feel any air coming out of your ducts or wall-mounted unit, odds are that a fan-related issue is to blame.

Your air conditioning cuts out periodically

A busted fan doesn’t always just mean a fan that doesn’t run at all – sometimes, it can refer to a fan that only runs intermittently.

Is your fan not blowing, despite the fact that your system or thermostat insists that it’s running? If so, there may be a fan motor issue at play.

Your fan continues to run, even when your AC isn’t on

While rarer, this issue can also indicate a potential AC fan motor issue.

In rare cases, a motor fault can result in your motor continuing to run even when your system is set to “off”.

air conditioning replacement

What does it mean when your AC unit fan stops spinning?

Simple: it means it’s time to book air conditioning repairs!

While we may be heading into winter at the moment, that doesn’t mean that you can afford to ignore your air conditioning system altogether.

In fact, now’s probably the best time to arrange a repair, since:

  • You aren’t relying on your system all day anymore
  • Less demand for cooling means less demand for cooling services
  • Demand for heating installation hasn’t kicked into gear just yet
  • You won’t boil while our team works on your system

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