Introducing voice-activated air conditioning from Mitsubishi Electric

  • Mitsubishi Electric voice control

“OK Google, turn on my air conditioning!”

Imagine if you could cool your home before you even start the commute from the office at the end of a hot day, or heat up the kids’ rooms from your own bed on a chilly winter evening. 

With Mitsubishi Electric’s WiFi Control, you can!

Tr-Tech’s mobile tech team offer air conditioning in Brisbane for all sorts of homes and businesses.

Recently, we’ve noticed more and more “smart” hubs popping up in our clients’ properties like Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa and Echo devices.

As Brisbane’s leading air conditioning team, the gears in our heads immediately started turning: how could we integrate this emerging technology into air conditioning installation jobs and offer our clients voice-activated air conditioning?

Mitsubishi Electric has just released a product that does exactly that!

Introducing Mitsubishi Electric WiFi Control

Control your comfort anywhere, anytime, with Mitsubishi Electric WiFi Control!

Apple coined the term “There’s an app for that” in 2009. And now, thanks to the latest innovation from Mitsubishi Electric, that now applies to your air conditioner as well!

Using a special adaptor that connects directly to the control board in your air conditioning system, you can control your air conditioner using nothing but your smartphone, tablet or computer!

Once it’s in place, your phone, tablet or computer will be able to send out signals to Mitsubishi Electric’s secure server, which then relays the command to the Control Adaptor that’s been installed in your air conditioning system.

This adaptor fits discreetly to your existing Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning. It can also be retrofitted to many older models from Mitsubishi Electric’s range.

All you need to do is install the WiFi Control app and sync it with your air conditioning system.

Voice-activated air conditioning from Mitsubishi Electric

Arms full carrying the bags from the car?

Are you heading home from work on a swelteringly hot day during summer?

Snug in bed in the dead of winter, enjoying those last few minutes before you have to get up in the morning?

Mitsubishi Electric WiFi Control allows you to control your heating and cooling anywhere in the home – using your smartphone!

And if your smartphone comes with voice recognition, you won’t even have to push a button to do so – all you’ll need is your voice.

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Mitsubishi Electric WiFi Control is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart devices, allowing you to enjoy hands-free control over your air conditioning.

Control your air conditioning from anywhere!

As we mentioned above, Mitsubishi Electric WiFi Control doesn’t connect your devices directly with your air conditioner, but sends the information through Mitsubishi Electric’s servers first.

The reason for this is to allow you to control your air conditioner, even when you’re far from home!

On hot days, you’ll be able to turn on your air conditioning before you come home, allowing you to return to a comfortable space that has already been cooled.

During winter, you can heat up the living room even before you’ve stepped out of the office, resulting in a perfectly controlled climate the moment you set foot indoors.

Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric WiFi

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Control multiple units from one app
  • Tailored solutions designed to match your needs
  • Compatible with current range of M Series, P Series, and City Multi
  • Room Temperature Limits that keep you comfortable, 365 days a year

Mitsubishi Electric WiFi Control FAQ

Can I add voice control to an existing system?


In many cases, it will be possible to retrofit voice-activated air conditioning into your existing system.

Of course, there are a handful of conditions. First, you will need…

  • A WPA2-AES compatible router
  • A compatible device or browser
  • A compatible air conditioning system

Tri-Tech can help you determine if your system is compatible with voice control.

Click here to learn more about minimum requirements.

How many adaptors do I need?

Each separate air conditioner you want to control will require a separate adaptor.

The WiFi adaptor connects directly to your air conditioner’s control board. Multiple systems means multiple control boards, which necessitates separate adaptors for each system.

Can I add voice control by myself?


That’s because the adaptor is fitted directly to your air conditioner’s control board. To connect it often requires dismantling parts of your air conditioner, and can also often involve electrical wiring.

As such, it’s important that you call a skilled tech team to install your adaptors.

Call Tri-Tech for cutting-edge Mitsubishi Electric WiFi Control air conditioning in Brisbane

At Tri-Tech, we’ve made it our mission to be on the leading edge of air conditioning technology – that’s why we we we’re the number 1 air conditioning team in Brisbane for “smart” home comfort solutions, such as MyAir.

And with the release of Mitsubishi Electric WiFi Control, we’re able to add even more options to our suite of cooling solutions!

As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer, we possess an unmatched level of knowledge about Mitsubishi Electric’s range of air conditioning systems and the various add-ons available.

That includes adding Wifi Control and voice-activated air conditioning to your Mitsubishi Electric cooling system.

In addition to offering high-tech air conditioning, our team also guarantees quality workmanship, backed by 30 years of experience.

Talk to our team today about adding Wifi-controlled or voice-activated Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning to your home or business.

Call us today on (07) 3394 0222 or request a free quote here.

We look forward to introducing cutting-edge heating and cooling technology to your home, office, or commercial space!


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