Rely on Tri-Tech’s mobile tech team for air conditioning repairs in Brisbane

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Roaming all over Brisbane, Tri-Tech-branded vans and utes criss-cross town.

Whether it’sair conditioning repairs, inspections or installation, our highly-skilled techies are hard at work delivering effective cooling solutions for domestic and commercial customers alike.

In fact, you may have seen some of our team on the road yourself!

At Tri-Tech Air Conditioning, we’re proud of our mobile tech team and the service they provide.

We thought we’d share what makes them unique, and how they can help by delivering rapid, on-site air conditioning repairs for schools, hospitals, offices, warehouses, and homes across Brisbane.


Why choose Tri-Tech’s mobile tech team?


Quick response times for air conditioning repairs

It can be hard when your air conditioner gives up on you – especially at the height of Brisbane’s summer (which is fast approaching!)

You don’t want to wait around in the sweltering heat for repairs – you’re uncomfortable, your employees aren’t concentrating, and your customers are getting grumpy.

Thanks to our large fleet of vehicles, we aim to reduce response wait times to deliver you a faster solution.

No need to wait for an air conditioning technician to free up. And no need to suffer for any longer than absolutely necessary either!

Our vans aren’t just vehicles…

… they’re fully-fledged mobile workshops!

Each of our vehicles comes fully-equipped to carry out a variety of common repairs and maintenance.

This reduces waiting even further – rather than return to the warehouse for a crucial part, all our team members need to do is duck back out to the van for the part or tool they’re looking for.

Moreover, each of our installers holds all the relevant qualifications.

In addition to air conditioning installation, we can:

  • Perform routine air conditioning repairs and maintenance
  • Provide warranty service for Mitsubishi, Daikin and ActronAir systems
  • Replace worn parts and components

No matter what the problem is with your air conditioner (be it a split system or ducted system), we’re able to offer fixes for the vast majority of issues without having to return at a later date.

On-site repairs

When your air conditioner breaks down, you want to know four things:

  • What needs to be done to fix it
  • When it can be done
  • How long it will take
  • And how much it’ll cost

We’re proud to offer accurate, on-the-spot diagnoses and quotes whenever possible.

Each of our technicians is qualified to inspect every aspect of your cooling and put together an accurate quote.

This gives you the option of choosing an immediate fix for your air conditioning problems.

You aren’t obligated to take it – however, if you want your air conditioning fixed ASAP and don’t care to wait, you can!

Speaking of which…

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Same-day fixes (if you want)

We respond quickly.

Our vans are fully equipped to fix most air conditioning problems.

We offer on-site, rapid repairs.

So what do you get when you combine all three of these?

In many cases, the result is a same-day fix for your air conditioning!

Summer in Brisbane can be brutal. You don’t want to be without your trusty air conditioner any longer than absolutely necessary. That’s why our team works so hard to ensure same-day air conditioning repairs.

We get your air conditioner fixed sooner, keeping you cool. No need to sweat – literally!


What to expect when you call Tri-Tech’s air conditioning experts


Outstanding customer service

We know tradies don’t exactly have the best reputation. Many seem to think that they’re messy, noisy or rude. And sometimes, they are!

Fortunately, this attitude is slowly changing. We like to think we’re a part of that!

Each of our air conditioning technicians are also customer service stars. They turn up on time, and are friendly, polite, and speak in terms you can actually understand.

And on the off-chance we’re running late (sometimes unavoidable with Brisbane traffic) we’ll pull over and give you a call as common courtesy.

For commercial clients, our service doesn’t end with air conditioning installation.

We’ll also perform ongoing inspections for your commercial space, keeping your workplace cool for years to come.

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Air conditioning service that goes beyond Brisbane

Our mobile tech team don’t just service Brisbane.

While the bulk of our business is in the Brisbane area, our team are more than willing to visit further afield parts of south-east Queensland including:

  • Gold Coast
  • Ipswich
  • Caboolture
  • Logan
  • Redcliffe

Need air conditioning repairs in Brisbane? Call our mobile tech team today!

If you’re in need of rapid air conditioning service anywhere in Brisbane, you can’t go past Tri-Tech.

With almost 30 years of experience, Tri-Tech is one of the most experienced air conditioning names in Brisbane.

Our mobile tech team is a large part of that success. Our combination of quality service, same-day repairs whenever possible, and comprehensive knowledge make us the air conditioning team of choice for residential and commercial air conditioning all over Brisbane.

Want to find a genuinely friendly and trustworthy team for your air conditioning needs? Give ours a call today – call (07) 3394 0222 or click here to request a quote.

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