Tri-Tech air conditioning in Brisbane highlights the advantages of MyAir for builders

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At Tri-Tech, we’re proud to work with Australia’s leading air conditioning brands.

In addition to some of the world’s biggest names in air conditioning like Mitsubishi and Daikin, that also includes innovative Aussie brands too.

One that we’re particularly proud to work with is MyAir.


What MyAir brings to the table

With technology making the leap from our phones and computers to everyday appliances like fridges and TVs, it’s no surprise that air conditioning systems are quickly becoming “smart” devices.

Created by Perth-based Advantage Air, MyAir offers homeowners the ultimate in climate control.

Why should you consider offering MyAir as part of your next building project?

Unparalleled control

Not everybody has the same level of heat tolerance.

Some can’t bear the heat, while others are A-okay with it.

With up to 10 different zones, you can ensure each individual room receives exactly as much cooling as needed – temperatures in each individual room can be controlled down to 5% adjustments!


Unlike other air conditioning systems, MyAir works from a single control panel.

On top of that, the MyAir app can be installed on any smartphone or tablet, allowing you to control your cooling while on-the-go! Talk about innovation…!

Save energy

Let’s face it, how many of the rooms in your home do you actually use at the one time, or even at all?!

As an optional extra, MyAir can also come with temperature and motion sensors. Using these, you can program their air conditioner to shut down the cooling when the temperature in a specific room hits a comfortable level or if it detects that nobody’s inside.

Either way, you’ll shave precious dollars off your quarterly energy bill!

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What this means for builders like you

Each of these are great selling points, and make a strong case for homeowners to think about choosing MyAir.

But what about you, the builder?

Minimal extra work needed on your part

“MyAir sounds great,” you say to yourself, “but I’m not sure I can justify the extra time it’ll take to include it in my plan and redo my proposal. And besides, my project calls for split systems, not ducted cooling.”

Luckily, MyAir can be integrated with air conditioning systems from all major brands. Not to mention, MyAir can control up to four separate air conditioning systems (split system air conditioners included).

Finally, in our experience adding MyAir to a building project doesn’t present significant delays either.

In fact, MyAir can be retrofitted to an existing HVAC system – this should tell you how painless it can be!

Add value to your client’s home

Not all clients are building homes to live in – many developers are in it to make a return on their investment. They want things that homeowners are willing to pay top dollar for.

And what’s more valuable than powerful, flexible cooling?

Temperature control for individual rooms, the ability to control cooling using just a smartphone… we’ll bet there are many developers out there who are eager to include those features in their investments.

It makes your proposals stand out

MyAir is exclusive – not all air conditioning experts in Brisbane offer it.

While there are many installers you might be able to choose from when it comes to the cooling portion of your building project, very few of them can bring the unmatched control, comfort and convenience of MyAir to your clients.

If you want your bid to stand out in the highly-competitive home building industry, you need something that makes you stand out. And that’s exactly what MyAir offers!


Choose an air conditioning expert in Brisbane who offers MyAir installation

Looking to contract an air conditioning installer for your building project? Get in touch with Tri-Tech Air Conditioning.

We work with all sorts of building projects, from new homes or renovations to commercial construction projects.

On top of helping you choose the perfect air conditioning solution for your client and project, we’re also a MyAir installation expert.

Make your upcoming build stand out with the MyAir advantage teamed with Brisbane’s most awarded air conditioning specialists.

Give Tri-Tech a call on (07) 3394 0222 to find out how our air conditioning team can help builders like you!

Alternatively, fill in this form and we’ll be in touch soon!

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