Choose Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning in Brisbane and SAVE!

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It might seem like a weird time to start thinking about air conditioning. After all, we’re about to hit winter – why start talking about aircon now?

We may be heading into winter, but if you ask us, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about air conditioning in Brisbane!

For starters, reverse cycle technology means that virtually all modern air conditioning systems double as heaters – something that’s going to be very important over the coming months.

And secondly, spring and autumn are our quietest months – if you want heating or air conditioning installation in Brisbane, call today to beat the seasonal rush!

And finally, the Mitsubishi Electric bonus eftpos offer is once again running!

How does the Mitsubishi Electric Bonus eftpos Gift Card Promotion work?

This isn’t the first time we’ve run this promotion – the thing is, air conditioning installation isn’t exactly an everyday purchase.

Little wonder that so many people aren’t aware of promotions such as this one!

Each winter, any purchase and installation of an eligible Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system will come with a bonus Eftpos gift card, worth up to $400 depending on the type of system you get installed in your home.

How to claim your Mitsubishi Electric eftpos cash card

Simple: after purchasing any eligible system, click this link to redeem your Eftpos card. 

You’ll be prompted to enter information including:

  • Your contact information and details
  • The air conditioning model you had installed
  • Your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner’s serial number
  • A scan or picture of your purchase receipt

Once all of this information is processed, you’ll be sent a confirmation email, along with your unique activation number.

After you receive these in your inbox, all you’ll have to do is wait for your card to arrive in the post!

Can’t find your serial number?

  • Split systems: check under the indoor unit (the bottom right-hand side is the most common spot)
  • Ducted systems: check the left-hand side of the outdoor unit

How long is the offer running for?

As with every year, the Mitsubishi Electric bonus Eftpos cash card offer runs from the beginning of April to the end of July.

Purchase and install any system from the list of eligible air conditioning and heating systems during that time, and you’ll get your Eftpos card.

You’ll have up to the end of August to process your application.

And that’s all there is to it!

Further FAQs

How much can I claim back?

It depends on what type of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner you’re getting installed!

With cards running from $100 to $400 in value, there’s variance in how much you’re entitled to claim. 

Does it matter what type of system I’m getting installed?

Nope – as long as it’s on the list of approved systems, you’re able to claim eftpos cash card!

Split systems, ducted systems, multi-splits… it doesn’t matter what you’re getting installed. If it’s listed as part of this scheme, you’ll be able to process a claim!

What if I’m getting multiple systems installed?

Good news: this scheme isn’t limited to a single system!

Sometimes, you need to have multiple systems installed. Perhaps you want to cool multiple rooms and ducted air conditioning installation simply isn’t feasible.

The Mitsubishi Electric eftpos offer allows you to claim up to three systems.

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Why choose Mitsubishi Electric?

Of course, the bonus eftpos cash card is only one reason to choose Mitsubishi Electric for air conditioning installation in Brisbane – there are plenty of others…

Energy efficient

Mitsubishi Electric has you covered: their energy efficient air conditioning systems use up to 40% less energy compared to older systems.

In addition to their inherent efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric also offers energy-saver modes, as well as a range of extra options such as zoning and individual room control to help you control your usage, and as such, save on your monthly power bills.

Low noise level

Temperature isn’t the only thing that comes into play when we talk about your comfort – so too does noise.

With some of the quietest systems on the market, Mitsubishi Electric looks after your comfort in more ways than just one.

Some Mitsubishi Electric systems are rated to 19 decibels – the equivalent of leaves rustling.

Not only that, but they’ll also save you from falling afoul of your local council’s noise restrictions!

Powerful extras

Can’t remember if you turned off your air conditioning unit? You don’t have to worry any longer. 

New Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners have Wi-Fi connections built-in that allow you to turn off your air conditioning system remotely.

Unsure if you turned it off before heading out for the day? Want your home to be cool the moment you arrive home from work?

All you need is an internet connection and you can control your system from anywhere.

You can even sync it up to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device to enjoy voice-controlled air conditioning!

Need air conditioning installation in Brisbane?

Choose a Mitsubishi Electric system and save!

There are many reasons to choose Mitsubishi Electric if you need air conditioning in the Brisbane area.

And this winter, there’s another!

Choose Mitsubishi Electric for the opportunity to claim your BONUS eftpos Gift Card up to the value of $400 before the 31st of July 2020.

As Mitsubishi Electric diamond dealers, Tri-Tech is the team to call for all your air conditioning needs:

  • Our air conditioning experts are intimately familiar with the brand and its products
  • We have a wealth of experience carrying out installation, repairs, and services
  • We’re 10-time winners of Mitsubishi Electric’s South-east Queensland Dealer of the Year!

So what are you waiting for? Call Tri-Tech today on (07) 3394 0222, or fill in the form for a free quote or to organise an on-site inspection.

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