How to use your air conditioning more efficiently

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Whether you’re pumping warm air in winter to warm up your living room or you’re blasting cold air to get a break from the summer sun, if your air conditioner is functioning efficiently, it’ll use less energy.

Avoid expensive electricity bills and get the most from your aircon unit with our efficiency tips.

Not only is using your aircon unit optimally better for your bank balance, it’s also kinder for the planet.

One of the best ways to keep your air conditioner functioning at its optimum is to maintain a stable temperature in the home; that way, it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Use ceiling fans

Turning the fans onto a low setting will help circulate the air around the room and take the pressure off your air conditioner. Ceiling fans are cost-efficient to run and easy to install!

Point the vanes (vent) upwards

Set the vanes on your air conditioning unit upwards (towards the ceiling) during summer because cool air circulates best in an upward direction.

Then, in winter keep the vanes pointing downwards to move heat into cooler places (remember, hot air rises!)

Close window shades during the heat of the day

When the sun is at its hottest in the middle of the day, close the blinds, curtains or shades to keep out the sunlight.

It’ll help you avoid extreme heats and your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard to maintain a stable room temperature (or work even harder to bring a high temperature down!)

Keep furniture away from vents, windows, and doorways

Sometimes, furniture can block the flow of air in your home and create hot and cold pockets.

So, avoid furniture near vents, windows and doorways, because it can stop air flowing freely throughout your home. To enjoy a cool, comfortable temperature, you want to encourage the flow of air.

Use a smart thermostat or AC control

Have you seen the new programmable and smart thermostats?

They turn your air con unit on and off even when you’re not home and some you can control remotely from your phone. How good is that?!

A programmable thermostat can start running an hour before you’re due to arrive from the office at the end of the day, so it’s at your desired temperature for when you get home.

Optimise your thermostat settings

While personal preferences differ, the general rule of thumb is to maintain your air conditioning between 22-24ºC during summer. Even moving your thermostat one degree up (or down in winter) can have a considerable impact on your energy usage and bills.

As an easy rule, try to set the thermostat no more than 8ºC cooler than the outside temperature. For example, if it’s 32ºC outside, try to keep your settings below 24ºC inside.

Create zones

Modern ducted air conditioning systems can be fitted with zoning which gives you greater control in how your aircon is used – and importantly, where it is used.

Cool your study during the day when you’re working from home, then switch that zone off when the working day is done, instead redirecting cooling to the living room where the family has now gathered. Clever zoning makes it easy to tailor your system and use it exactly the way you need, and reduce unnecessary usage in the process.

Split systems are a fantastic alternative as they allow precise control of the individual rooms in which they are installed.


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What are the best ways to maintain a stable AC temperature?

If your air conditioner has to change the temperature in the home dramatically from extremely hot to cold, this causes its energy usage to spike. Maintaining a stable temperature in your home can deliver a cool environment without a dramatic peak in energy usage.

Keep an eye on and reduce indoor humidity

Humidity in the home should be between 30-50%. If you’re trying to warm your home and it’s cold and damp, this means your air conditioner will be working so much harder.

Likewise to cool your home and it’s hot and humid – do you need a dehumidifier or to aerate your home, or could you zone it to reduce humidity before switching on the air conditioner?

Use the fan mode

Try using the fan mode if it’s not extremely hot or you’ve had the AC on for a while – switching to fan mode uses less energy and can help you stay cool and comfortable.

Clean your air conditioner

Book in for regular air conditioning services with Tri-Tech because if there’s anything blocking the filters or ducts it won’t work efficiently.

Also, check if the outdoor compressor is blocked or covered because you may be limiting the ventilation. We suggest a cool and shady place for your outdoor unit.

Make sure your air conditioner is the right size

If your air con unit is too small or too large for your space it’s ineffective. It’s essential to choose the correct size AC unit – if it’s too small you’ll need to have it on longer and this will use more energy than needed.


Should I leave the AC on during the day when I’m out?

There isn’t a blanket rule for the best way to cool or heat your home.

Generally, the longer your air conditioning is running the more power it’s using and this is more expensive.

That being said, some energy providers charge more during peak hours of usage in your area so if you only turn it on in the evening this may be more expensive than having the AC on during the day.

You may need to test this out for yourself and a smart thermostat can help cool or warm the home before you get home too.

Installing an air conditioner in your home doesn’t have to be expensive when you know how to use your system as energy efficiently as possible. We can help you with air conditioner installation and advise on optimum placement for your home.

Don’t forget to check and change the filter

One of the most important things to check is the air conditioner filter which affects both the energy usage and air quality.

Whether you need to clean it or replace it, the air filter can help keep your electricity bill low because it has a significant impact on how efficiently your system is operating.

How often do you need to change your air conditioner filter?

As a general rule our air conditioner technicians recommend every 3-6 months and before the peak season. You may want to change the filter or clean it more frequently if you have allergies or pets, or live in a dusty area and want to ensure you’re breathing pure and clean air.

What should I know before having my air conditioner installed?

Ensure you get the right sized unit

Make sure you’re choosing the right unit for you and the size of your home: if you want an energy efficient air conditioner we can help advise you on the best brand and size for your home or commercial needs.

Check your using licensed and insured installers

We are multi-award winning installers and stock a number of well-known global brands including Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, and MyAir.

Tri-Tech are your go-to experts for air conditioning servicing and air conditioning installation anywhere across Brisbane.

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