Can you move a split system air conditioning system?

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The split system air conditioner has become a very popular way to keep your home cool during those hot Brisbane summers.

A split system saves power by allowing you to control the air temperature in certain rooms.

They are, for a lot of people, the ideal air conditioning unit.

The big question is whether or not you can move your split system once it has been installed.

Life is constantly changing, and as a result sometimes we need to adapt to it. So, what happens if where you install your split system this year doesn’t work for your family in five years?

Is it possible to just move it?

The good answer is…yes! Yes, you can.


Split system installation is an economical choice for Brisbane homes

If you’re thinking about a split system in your Brisbane home, Tri-Tech can help you find the perfect system that suits not only your home’s unique features and dimensions, but the needs of your family, too.

That might include a standard split system in the most used room in the house, or, for a more comprehensive system that flows through multiple rooms, we might introduce you to the power of a multi-split system.

A multi-split system comprises a single outdoor unit that connects to multiple indoor units, giving you basically the same capabilities as a ducted air conditioning system – without the need to install ducts in your ceiling space.

Split system installation is fairly straightforward and can usually be completed in a day. They are slightly more affordable because they do have a lower upfront cost.

So – you’ve been sold on the option of a split system, and installation went off without a hitch.

But now, some time has passed – and you want to ask the question: can my split system be moved?


Moving a split system: is it possible?

There are a lot of reasons that you might decide you want to move your split system:

You might not like the way it looks where it is

The air conditioning unit might not be safe where it is

Moving the unit might enhance its ability to keep you cool

There might be renovations happening to the building

For whatever reason, it’s paramount that you engage a professional to provide sound advice when it comes to the probability that your split system can be effectively moved with minimal damage – and without compromising its effectiveness and efficiency.

1. Pump refrigerant

The first thing that a professional air conditioner installer will do is pump the refrigerant in your internal unit back out into the compressor. This will ensure that the process is safe to complete.

2. Cut electricity

This is an important step to take when moving or servicing any electrical appliances or connections. Safety must always come first!

Our top priority is the safety of your home, you, your family, and our team.

3. Cut pipework

The pipework that leads to the air conditioner must be cut in order to uninstall the split system.

Next, new piping must be installed before the air conditioner can be reinstalled in a new place.

4. Move split system air conditioner

Now your air conditioning specialist can safely move your air conditioner and reinstall it in a new position in your home.

After the split system has been moved the refrigerant can be pumped back into the unit.

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Ask our experts in air conditioning Brisbane to help you move your split system

Thinking about moving a split system?

Not sure if it’s possible, or a smart decision?

Get in touch with our team – we’ll be able to provide you with initial advice and are more than happy to book an inspection to see your home’s unique layout and determine if the job can be done, and how difficult it might be.

The process of moving a split system might be a little daunting to you.

The job itself is relatively simple – but it’s all the behind the scenes planning involved that ensures the task goes off without a hitch.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being respectful of you and your home at all times. You can trust that we will work efficiently, effectively, and clean up after ourselves.

Our team can also perform an inspection on your air conditioning unit to make sure it’s performing at the optimum level for your home. If we encounter any problems, we can usually diagnose and solve on the spot (conditions apply).

Tri-Tech provides air conditioning installation in Brisbane for many types of systems, including splits, and can help advise you on relocation.

Want to know more? Speak to our friendly team today. Give us a call on (07) 3394 0222 or get in touch online for help with split system air conditioner installation or relocation.

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