What’s the difference between split system and ducted aircon?

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Unsure which air conditioning system will benefit you and your family?

Tri-Tech is a specialised team providing air conditioning in Brisbane who can help you understand how each system works, as well as their respective benefits.

This will help you determine which system is suitable for your home or commercial building.

Both our ducted and split aircon systems also offer reverse cycle technology, meaning they offer cooling during summer as well as heating during winter!


What is the difference between split and ducted air conditioning?

A split system uses pipelines to supply cooling and heating requirements to your home. It is a more modern air conditioning technology than ducted air conditioning, but they use many of the same components.

The split system is a visible indoor unit mounted on your home’s wall(s) that you control using a remote.

The split system can either be a single split or a multi-split solution – meaning you have either one unit connected to an outdoor compressor unit, or you have more than one connected to each other, an outside unit, and share airflow.

Ducted air conditioning in Brisbane, on the other hand, always has multiple outlets.

Instead of being in the form of large mounted indoor units, these air conditioners have a single fan coil unit located in the ceiling.

The airflow is distributed across the home through ductwork and out into your rooms via vents that are fitted within your walls, ceiling, or floor.

Ducted air conditioners are less noticeable than split systems since the only external and visible component inside your home is the vent, rather than a wall-mounted split system.


So: what’s better, split system or ducted?

You can’t objectively say which system is better on its own. Both are brilliant solutions to meet a range of needs for your home or commercial business.

However, to figure out which system is best suited to your unique scenario, you should think about:

  • The needs of the customers or dwellers with the property
  • The structure of your building (e.g. size, number of rooms, storeys)
  • If you have ceiling or underfloor space
  • What rooms you want to have access to heating and cooling

The benefits of ducted systems include:

  • Less noisy
  • Less visible
  • Adding additional rooms later is often more cost effective
  • You can control the whole house with just the click of a button

The benefits of split system air conditioners are:

  • Each room can have a different temperature
  • Can be turned on and off independently of the other units
  • Take up less internal space – pipelines are smaller than ducts
  • Pipes are less likely to get damaged than ducts

If you are looking for a HVAC system for a large or commercial building, you will generally opt for ducted air conditioning installation.

Ducted HVAC systems can also have zoned heating and cooling, meaning you can set various temperatures in different parts of the building like in split systems.

Zoning also helps to control the flow of air to unused rooms, ensuring more efficient and cost-effective running of your system.

Does ducted air conditioning add value to your house?

Both ducted and split systems, and both Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners increase the value of your home.

Heating and cooling is a sought-after feature for buyers, offering year-round comfort, and can be an attractive selling point should you choose to list your home in the future.

Even a split system (which is quicker and cheaper to install) is a highly regarded staple of a modern, efficient, comfortable home.

Ducted air conditioning Brisbane


What are the different parts of air conditioning?

Wondering how to install an air conditioner split system?

Luckily Tri-Tech specialists install HVAC systems and also keep them running at their best, thanks to our many air conditioner services in Brisbane southside and northside, such as repairs and maintenance.

Read below to learn about the other components, similarities, and differences of split and ducted air conditioning.


Refrigerant is the chemical used to absorb hot and cold air, in and outside your home.

Refrigerant can evolve from a liquid when it transfers to each unit, to a gas when the air is dispersed.

Both ducted and air conditioners use refrigerant.

Outdoor compressor unit

The outdoor compressor expels hot air to the atmosphere that gets absorbed in the home. It also assists in generating electricity for the indoor units to run and has other essential components such as the condenser.

Both ducted and split air conditioning have an outdoor compressor unit.

Indoor compressors

The indoor unit(s) for ducted and split systems differ from one another.

The ducted indoor unit is a single fan coil unit that sits inside your ceiling with the ducts connected to it.

The split system units are what you visually see on your wall. You may have one or several in your home, but ducted systems only have one – and this is concealed within the ceiling or floor.

Ducts and pipelines

Duct and pipeline networks are another significant difference between the two systems.

Ducted systems use large aluminium or steel ducts that can be cylindrical or rectangular. Cylindrical ducts are flexible and can be bought from hardware stores. Poor quality ducts may be susceptible to wear and tear.

Rectangular ducts are made from strong, durable metal that is less likely to be damaged. It can be challenging to replace.
Split systems use neither of these but pipelines instead. Pipelines are much narrower and more compact than ductwork.


Is air conditioning installation worth it?

Yes! Install now so you don’t regret it later

Tri-Tech are a friendly team of air conditioning specialists that install and service HVAC systems in Brisbane.

We can give you an extensive consultation on which air conditioning system will suit your home or commercial building.

We can also offer you our various air conditioning services in Murarrie and surrounding Brisbane suburbs, such as:

  • Duct or pipe cleaning
  • Filter replacements
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Demounting of an old system
  • Periodical maintenance
  • Refrigerant replenishment

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