Can I install air conditioning in my apartment?

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Are you sick of having your blinds down all day, having the fan on all the time, or using a portable air conditioner in your small apartment?

Thinking about installing air conditioning in your apartment, unit, penthouse, or townhouse?

Whatever space you live in, you will experience the feeling of being overheated at some point throughout the year.

With increasing temperatures in Australia annually, now is the right time to get some kind of air conditioning in Brisbane installed to keep you feeling cool and fresh all year round.

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Why is my upstairs apartment so hot?

Small spaces generally retain heat more than larger ones. So if you live in an apartment, you will probably experience intense, humid heat more often than if you were living in a larger home.

Hot air also rises, so if you live higher up in an apartment building, this can be another factor that contributes to your home’s climate.

Getting air conditioning installed will help you to avoid feeling excessively hot all the time in summer.

Otherwise, perpetual heat can become unbearable, uncomfortable, and all-round unpleasant.

Can you install AC in apartments?

If you’re renting your apartment, you should always get permission from your landlord before installing any air conditioning systems.

If you own the apartment you live in, you will probably need permission from your Body Corporate for AC installation, especially if you share walls with your neighbours.

This is because there are lots of external components of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners, for example, that can affect your neighbours home and require internal configuration through walls that belong to them as much as they belong to you.

What do I do if my apartment is too hot?

If you’re still suffering after installing an awning or window shutters, opening windows, or using a portable aircon, perhaps it’s time to think about air conditioning installation!

One common type of aircon in small apartments is window/wall air conditioners. You probably would have seen this when walking past apartment buildings by noticing the rear filters sticking out of the windows.

But window/wall air conditioners can be inefficient and dangerous, and if you live in a larger apartment with multiple rooms, your best bet is split or multi split system installation.

This is because window/wall or portable air conditioners have to run for longer to cover the entire space of your home, which uses more energy, costs more, and makes the AC wear out more rapidly.

If you live in a smaller apartment, you might be able to get full coverage from a single split system. If you live in a larger apartment, you can get a multi split or ducted air conditioning system installed.

Can 1 AC be used for 2 rooms?

It’s possible that one air conditioning unit can be efficient enough to cool down an entire apartment that has only two rooms.

This can depend on the position of the rooms with each other, where the room’s doors are located, and where you are going to mount the air conditioning unit.

You may need to choose an air conditioner that is powerful enough to circulate enough air throughout multiple rooms.

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What are ducted and split systems?

A ducted AC system is one which has multiple outlets throughout a property that disperses common air from one central unit. They are connected through large, flexible ducts.

A split system on the other hand, is a wall mounted unit designed to offer heating and cooling to specific rooms of a home.

Both ducted and wall-mounted split systems require an outdoor compressor that the internal components (whether than be ducts or an internal split system unit) are connected to.

How do you connect air conditioners in an apartment?

If you don’t have a yard or balcony, you can potentially get the outdoor compressor mounted on your outside wall or even your roof.

Any installation, mounting, and designing of air conditioning systems should only be done by a professional technician and you should never DIY, even for repairs, or aircon maintenance.

If you want to mount your outdoor compressor on your outside wall, you have to consider that you cannot mount it on anybody’s else’s legal property.

You should also speak with your Body Corporate about communal walls and exteriors.

Can I cool my apartment with an air conditioner?

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