Beat the rush for ducted air conditioning installation in time for summer!

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Ducted air conditioning installation can help you beat the heat this summer!

And if you’re thinking of adding ducted cooling to you home or business, now is the time to do it!

Many people delay air conditioning installation until summer is well underway, when it’s far too late. Not only will they have suffered through weeks of heat already, but now there’s a huge queue of other homeowners that they have to join.

If you ask us, now’s the time to think about ducted air conditioning Brisbane

Here’s why…

ducted air conditioning brisbane

Why NOW is the time to start thinking about ducted air conditioning in Brisbane…

1) Minimal waiting time

Out of sight, out of mind

That’s the approach that many of us take when it comes to air conditioning. “It’s not hot right now, my air conditioning can wait.”

Unfortunately, by the time it does start getting warmer, your air conditioning team already has a lot of work on its hands!

Summer is without a doubt our mobile tech-team’s busiest season.

That’s great news for us – however, it’s not quite as good if you need a new ducted air conditioning installation brisbane before the heat really kicks up.

Many homeowners are just like you, putting off air conditioning installation, upgrades and repairs until the last second.

As a result, you’ll be sent to the end of a lengthy waiting list should you wait until summer hits.

Get ahead of the queue by getting your ducted air conditioning upgraded today. When you call in spring, you’ll have a shorter queue to deal with, allowing you to book in air conditioning installation sooner!

2) You won’t have to suffer through the heat

Brisbane’s weather can be somewhat unpredictable.

Even during early spring, high fronts can lead to temperatures climbing to near summer levels.

Avoid any unnecessary sweating by booking your ducted air conditioning installation early on, before the weather has a chance to really heat up.

By getting your ducted air conditioning installed earlier, you’ll be prepared if Brisbane’s climate decides to give you an unexpected “sneak preview” of summer!

3) More attention

As we mentioned above, summer is the busiest season for air conditioning companies. 

Installations, repairs, upgrades… we’re flat out, helping homes and businesses all over Brisbane get back to comfort when the hot weather hits.

The problem is that some dodgy air conditioning installers won’t be able to offer the same level of service and attention than they otherwise would.

Instead, they’ll have to cut corners, or otherwise reduce the amount of individual attention you receive, as they rush to get your job done so they can move on to the next.

Luckily, this is something you won’t have to worry about with Tri-Tech. Even during the busiest season, our technicians work hard to give your home or business the level of attention it deserves.

We perform the same system design process, and apply the same careful workmanship regardless of whether you’re the first of fifth job of the day.

All of this ensures that you get the right ducted air conditioning installed at your home, to the highest standard.

Of course, we still suggest getting in early to beat the rush!

4) Fight back against hayfever

Anyone who suffers from hayfever knows that spring can be rough.

Runny noses, sneezing fits, watery, itchy eyes… hayfever symptoms can be a huge pain during spring.

One of the benefits of air conditioning is its ability to filter and clean air.

In addition to filtering out dust and other airborne pollutants, air conditioning can also remove allergens like pollen from your house, offering a welcome reprieve for those with chronic hayfever.

If your nose is already itching and the sneezes are on their way, it might be a good idea to push your air conditioning installation forward.

If you wait until summer is in full swing, you’ll have to suffer through all of spring with pollen and other allergens filling the air, which directly translates into more allergy attacks and sneezing fits.

Air conditioning installation

Why go ducted?

The answer’s simple: sometimes, a traditional split system is unsuitable for your building type and size, and your cooling needs.

In many cases, a single split system unit doesn’t have the capacity to cool down your space. 

Your floor plan may require multiple split system units to get the job done, or maybe parts of your property generate lots of heat (such as factory machinery).

Split systems simply aren’t powerful enough to provide sufficient cooling in these circumstances. That results in a system that’s underpowered or otherwise unable to provide you with the cooling that you need.

Ducted cooling is considerably more powerful, and offers much greater coverage than a traditional split system.

And when combined with modern zoning and control technology, you can now enjoy the same level of control (if not more) that you would with a split system.

The problem lies in the installation.

Specifically, ducted systems take up considerable space, and often require considerable amounts of work to install. Not to mention, not all properties can support the ducting required.

Luckily, there’s another option…

Small duct air conditioning

Imagine the power of ducted air conditioning, combined with the versatility of split system air conditioning.

That’s exactly what small duct air conditioning brings to the table.

Instead of using wide ducts like conventional ducted cooling, small duct air conditioning uses – what else? – smaller, narrower ducts. Specifically, the ducts used in these systems can be as small as 10cm in diameter.

This allows us to fit air conditioning in even the most unlikely spots:

  • Underneath staircases
  • Inside cabinets and cupboards
  • Along skirting boards

We’re proud to offer AirSmart, Australia’s leading small duct air conditioning system, to bring ducted air conditioning to all properties.

Thinking of ducted air conditioning Brisbane?

If so, now’s the time to do it!

Spring is one of the best times to get your air conditioning installed, upgraded or repaired.

By booking your air conditioning installation now, you’ll be able to avoid the rush that characterises our busiest season.

Thinking of ducted air conditioning installation? If so, Tri-Tech is the team to call.

With 30 years of experience providing ducted air conditioning in Brisbane, our team are uniquely qualified to look after your cooling needs.

Whether you’re upgrading to a ducted system, replacing your old split system with a new one or adding zoning to your existing cooling system, our team can help.

Give us a call today on (07) 3394 0222 or fill up our enquiry form to learn more about our offers and interest free air conditioning brisbane


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