4 Alternatives To Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning in Brisbane

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Most Brisbane homes now have air conditioning.

And we bet if we were to do a survey of these homes, the vast majority would report that they use wall-mounted split systems.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that – these types of systems offer a range of great features, including:

  • Affordable upfront installation costs
  • Individual control for each room
  • Versatility and the ability to be installed in most homes

It’s no surprise these little systems have taken over Brisbane homes. But they aren’t the only option.

Whether you’re looking for something more powerful, or are building a luxury house and you want air conditioning to match, there plenty of alternatives to wall-mounted split system air conditioning installation

Wall-mounted air conditioning isn’t your only option

And we aren’t just talking about ducted air conditioning brisbane, either!

Many leading air conditioning brands are now offering split systems in a range of alternative configurations.

It isn’t just the traditional wall-mounted unit anymore.

These set-ups operate identically to a traditional split-system air conditioner, with the same fundamental principles. The only difference is the form the indoor unit takes.

Air conditioning Brisbane cassette

Alternative 1: cassettes

Think of cassettes as the middle ground between split systems and ducted air conditioning.

Essentially, think of a cassette as a ceiling-mounted version of your wall-mounted split-system, only instead, it sits flush with your ceiling.

These cassettes give the appearance of ducted air conditioning, only without the extensive ductwork and installation work that such systems require.

Of course, since they sit flush with your ceiling, cassette units require a bit of ceiling space to work.

If it’s flush with your ceiling, all the internals will need to be contained in your ceiling space.

This can make them more difficult to install than a wall-mounted split-system (though not to the same extent as a ducted system).

Alternative 2: bulkhead units

Many newer homes in Brisbane are using bulkhead ceilings to add variety to their interior design.

These lower sections of ceiling can serve a decorative purpose by helping to:

  • Better define open-plan spaces
  • Enclose a room
  • Section open-plan areas
  • Add dimension to a room
  • Create shadow lines
  • Add accents to your ceiling

It’s an interior trend that’s starting to pop up in more and more homes in Brisbane.

Here’s something you may not have known, however: rather than serve an aesthetic purpose, bulkhead ceilings were originally used to camouflage utilities such as air conditioning units!

Like the name suggests, bulkhead air conditioning units are compact air conditioning units that can fit in ceiling bulkheads, giving your living areas a seamless appearance.

OK, so you don’t have enough ceiling space for a cassette unit – but you still want to keep your walls pristine.

While a bulkhead will take up a little bit of ceiling space, they can also be disguised and made to look identical to your ceiling.

Not just that, but in some situations, they can help add definition and dimension to your home.

If you’ve decided that to choose bulkhead air conditioning as an alternative to traditional split system air conditioner installation, just make sure you have the right room – you’ll lose a little bit of ceiling, so be sure to save this for a larger room!

air conditioner brisbane floor

Alternative 3: floor standing units

While less common, floor standing units are another option that you can use as a more compact alternative to wall-mounted split-systems.

Say your home is built into a hill, or has excellent insulation. If you’re more worried about staying warm than cool, floor-standing units are a great option, with its ground location compensating for the tendency for warm air to rise.

Alternative 4: small duct air conditioning

Imagine ducted air conditioning. Now take all that ductwork and shrink it down to a fraction of its original width, bulk and size.

That’s essentially small duct air conditioning in a nutshell.

You may not know it, but smaller ducts can have a big effect on your air conditioning services Brisbane!

For starters, smaller ducts are lighter and more compact – this makes it possible to bring the power and coverage of ducted air conditioning installation to places where ordinary ducts can’t fit, including:

  • Inside cupboards
  • Underneath staircases
  • Along your baseboards

What’s more, these ducts are tiny and almost impossible to pick out at first glance, making them the most seamless and invisible air conditioning option on the market.

Finally, these systems are more powerful and more energy-efficient!

Want to learn more about these wall-mounted alternatives?

Tri-Tech are Brisbane’s air conditioning experts!

There are a lot of considerations that go into aircon installation brisbane.

On top of the technical stuff like how powerful it is, the number of BTUs or its energy-consumption, it’s also important to consider if you’re happy with how your system looks.

Most Brisbanites aren’t that picky, in our experience. For those who are however, these alternatives to wall-mounted split system installation might be just what you need!

If you want an air conditioning system that’s powerful and aesthetically pleasing, get in touch with our mobile tech-team today – give us a call on (07) 3394 0222 or reach out to us online.

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