Your guide to installing a ducted air conditioning system

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Maybe you’ve been putting off getting air conditioning installed for a while. It may seem like a long, tricky process, but would you rather be inside all Summer without any cool air?

There are many types of air conditioning systems and the type you need depend on the size of your home and the functions you want the system to have.

The installation process for ducted air conditioning in Brisbane has many steps. Only professional air conditioning installers should install air conditioning systems and you should never try to design, buy, and install a system yourself.

Sit back and relax while AC technicians such as Tri-Tech Air Conditioning and Electrical install a system in your home or workplace for you.


How does a ducted air conditioner system work?

Ducted air conditioning in Brisbane disperses cool air to multiple rooms and spaces of your home or commercial building through large circular ductwork, an indoor unit, and an outdoor air compressor.

The flexible ducts transfer air that gets created inside your ceiling.

Ducted air conditioning systems also have different functions depending on what you desire, such as simultaneously acting as a HVAC system – that is it acts as a heater too.

Or you can get a zoned ducted air conditioning system, which is a system that gives you the ability to control different temperatures at the same time for different rooms in your home or commercial building.


Can you install ducted air conditioning yourself?

Installing any type of HVAC system can only be done by a professional, however, there are measures you need to take yourself before the installation process begins.

While the journey can be an exciting one (especially if you’ve been suffering with a less than optimal system for a long time!) the most important thing to remember is that your air conditioning expert knows the ins and outs about every facet of air conditioning.

From installation to routine maintenance, diagnosing issues, and replacing parts, your trusted air conditioning team is licensed and qualified to work with such intricate systems.

You should speak to your air conditioning technician about the following steps so that your input can be noted during the installation process and so you can get exactly what you want out of the air conditioning system.

Technician planning

Before any physical installation of air conditioning in Brisbane’s southside, the installers will need to speak with you about:

  • How many outlets you’ll have
  • Where the outdoor compressor will go
  • Where the controller / remote will go
  • What size ducts you need
  • How powerful the system needs to be
  • What brand and model system you’ll use, for example Daikin vs Mitsubishi
  • If you want Wi-Fi / voice activation / zoned ducts / any other modern technology

Installers will then go into your roof cavity and assess how big the space is and organise where the ducts will lay as well as the configuration of them inside your roof.

Installers will also figure out how many outlets you need, where they are going to go, as well as placement of the return air grill.

The return air grill is an outlet that pulls hot air into the system to get used to create cool air.

Outdoor air compressor placement

The installers will also discuss with you where the outdoor compressor unit should sit outside. There are different factors to consider when figuring this out, such as:

  • The noise it will make
  • Being close to your switchboard
  • Being close to the indoor unit
  • Not ruin any outdoor aesthetics
  • Not become a tripping hazard
  • Not be very visible

The further away from the indoor unit it is, the more electrical cables and pipelines will be required, so it becomes more expensive when it’s further away from the home.

Placement of controller

The benefit of a ducted Mitsubishi or Daikin in Brisbane over a split system is that there’s no large outlet units in each room, but instead outlets that people don’t notice which lie almost parallel to your wall or ceiling.

Therefore your entire home or office will have one controller or remote mounted on a wall somewhere to control the temperature.

You need to decide the best place to put this so that anyone can access it easily without it becoming intrusive when someone wants to change the temperature.

The installers might also recommend the controller’s location based on the practicality of running cables on the inside of the walls, such as where there is an absence of studs.

Indoor unit

Unlike a split system where you can see the indoor unit mounted on each wall, a ducted Mitsubishi aircon system’s indoor unit will be located inside the roof, alongside the ducts.

This unit has various main parts, such as:

  • An air mixing plenum
  • A fan deck
  • A fan coil unit
  • The safety / condensate tray

The safety / condensate drain collects any fluid that comes out of the unit like refrigerant, which then connects to the outside gutters and drains.

The other three components work together to transfer and dispreserse air.

The indoor unit might also get braced with slats, to prevent it from vibrating your whole house while it works.

Air conditioning in Brisbane


What is the best ducted air conditioner in Australia?

Tri-Tech Air Conditioning And Electrical can install the most efficient AC system for your home

Before you even hire an installer to plan and design your AC system, you need to make sure you find a team who are licensed, certified, and experienced to help guide you through choosing the best and most appropriate ducted air conditioner in Australia to meet your home’s unique needs.

The air conditioning industry is huge – and it can be a little overwhelming tackling it on your own! Rely on our experts to provide you with the best objective advice to help create a tailored climate control solution for your home or workplace.

Tri-Tech Air Conditioning and Electrical are professional air con experts offering a range of heating and cooling solutions including aircon servicing, maintenance, and repairs.

Our transparent and friendly team has a fantastic reputation across greater Brisbane and are relied on by homes and businesses alike.

We operate all across Brisbane, so whether you need air conditioning installation in Carindale or air conditioning repairs in Willawong, call Tri-Tech on (07) 3394 0222 or fill out this form today!

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