What happened in the air conditioning world in 2020?

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2020 is almost over – and what a year it’s been!

While most people’s end-of-year recaps are probably going to be dominated by COVID-19, as air conditioning specialists, our mobile tech team’s end-of-year retrospective is a little bit different.

No prizes for guessing what our retrospective focuses on!

Just like the outside world, the air conditioning community has noticed a couple of trends in 2020, not just in Brisbane but throughout the air conditioning market in general.

Are you thinking of installing or upgrading your air conditioning in Brisbane?

If so, it’s important that you know these trends as well – it’s the only way to ensure that your system isn’t left woefully out-of-date after only a handful of years!

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What’s cool in the world of cooling?

Air conditioning trends: what’s cool in the world of cooling?

“What type of system is best for my home – ducted or split?”

Daikin vs Mitsubishi Electric – which is better?”

“How powerful does my cooling need to be?”

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself when planning for a new air conditioning system.

On top of these however, it’s important that you keep up with the latest cooling trends as well…


Automation is on everybody’s lips – and that’s a good thing!

In fact, automation can save you heaps of time and energy that would otherwise go into other tasks.

When it comes to air conditioning, that means taking care of your comfort automatically.

No more scrambling for the remote to adjust the temperature, switching zones as you move through the house, or manually lowering the power when you start feeling a little bit too chilly anymore.

All air conditioning systems are already somewhat automated, powering down when they reach target temperature. What we’re talking about is the next development from there.

Features like temperature and motion sensors allow your system to automatically adjust the amount of cooling depending on how rooms are being used.

Don’t use your bedrooms during daylight hours? Spend most of the day in the home office?

Your system will automatically take this information into account, saving you money while maximising comfort!

Internet-enabled devices

If you’ve never heard the phrase “internet of things”, we suggest keeping close tabs on it, because it’s only going to keep on rising in importance!

Computers, smartphones and other dedicated devices aren’t the only ones that are connected anymore – now everyday appliances are becoming “smart” devices.

And your air conditioner is no different.

Already, we’ve got both split-system and ducted air conditioning systems that can be:

  • Controlled remotely
  • Synced with your smartphone
  • Linked to your Alexa or Google Home

Some addons even turn your control panel itself into a smart device!

If you’re planning an air conditioning upgrade or aircon installation in Brisbane, this should be something that you’re thinking about. 2020 was just the start – it’s only going to get bigger.


Okay, so this isn’t strictly a 2020 trend.

That said, this is still a trend, and one that you’re going to want to bring onto your upcoming air conditioning installation!

Aircon systems are energy-hungry machines – according to some studies, cooling eats up around 40% of the typical Australian household’s budget.

Combine that with increasing awareness of the impact that our energy usage has on the environment, and it’s only natural that air conditioning brands have been taking measures to reduce the amount of energy their systems use.

Thanks to technology like VRV/VRF, you’ll be able to enjoy the same powerful cooling, while using less than half of the electricity to do so.


Another existing trend that got taken to the next level in 2020 is zoning.

While ducted HVAC systems have had zoning for years, it was only recently that these setups got more complicated than “one zone for upstairs, one for down.”

Now, individual rooms can be assigned their own zone, allowing you to control the airflow – and therefore, the temperature – in each room individually.

Combined with the “smart” features that have also started popping up in systems all over Brisbane in 2020, and this can save you a whole lot of effort!

Demand for cooling

When it comes to aircon, Brisbane is covered, with the vast majority of homes already having cooling systems.

Globally however, it’s a different story.

As the developing world lifts itself out of poverty, more and more people are going to be demanding air conditioning systems to maintain their comfort.

It isn’t just the developing world, either – air conditioning is surprisingly rare in most parts of Europe (though recent heat waves are starting to change that).

In summation, you can expect demand for air conditioning to skyrocket in the coming years!

What does the future hold?

While 2020 may have gotten the ball rolling, each of these trends can be expected to keep on trucking along, and even get bigger as the years go!

One of the most recent trends in air conditioning is automation – the very first 2020 trend we mentioned.

At the moment, it’s just air conditioning systems – more and more newly-built properties (specifically commercial properties) go up with computerised building automation and control systems.

In the coming years, you can expect air conditioners to be hooked up to these systems.

Another thing to keep tabs on is “smart” air conditioners.

We’ve already come leaps and bounds, with systems that can be controlled from your smartphone or which come with voice activation, and which automatically adjust the cooling depending on how rooms are being used.

In the coming years, you can expect the “smart” features of new air conditioning systems to get more and more sophisticated – we may reach the point where instead of being an optional feature, every single system comes with this out-of-the-box!

Air conditioning trends 2020

What air conditioning trend will you look for in 2021?

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Our team doesn’t just install systems. We work hard to ensure you get the perfect cooling system – one that accommodates your unique needs and which is future-proof.

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