System design in commercial air conditioning installation in Brisbane

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Every commercial air conditioning installation in Brisbane starts with system design.

If you ask us, this is the most important step in the installation process, hands-down.

Think of it as the air conditioning equivalent of laying concrete and building the foundation of a house. The wrong decision at this step could result in your business receiving an air conditioning system that’s too weak, or which may wear out prematurely.

But what exactly does system design entail? What sorts of considerations go into system design for commercial air conditioning?

We’re glad you asked!

System design, explained

In essence, system design is all about matching the perfect air conditioning system to your commercial property.

We aren’t talking about how the grilles look, or whether the colour matches the blinds – rather, we’re talking about whether it’s fit for your unique needs.

That’s because your operations are unique. Your property is unique. Both of these factors influence the temperature in subtle ways, which may change the most suitable air conditioning system.

When designing systems for commercial properties in particular, your air conditioner installer might consider such factors including…

1) The needs of each room

Not all rooms are used qually. Let’s say hypothetically, you own a restaurant – it’s going to be considerably hotter and more humid in the kitchen than in the dining area!

Needless to say, both of these areas have drastically different cooling requirements. Using the same system for both may result in one being cool, while leaving the other either sweltering or shivering.

In these cases, your air conditioner installer will design a system that allows you to independently control the air conditioning in both the kitchen and in the dining room.

This doesn’t even necessarily mean a separate system for both – your air conditioning expert may design a system that utilizes zoning, which allows you to control airflow to both areas using the same ducted system.

This is just one of the more extreme examples of when different areas of your business have different cooling requirements. There are plenty of others:

  • Office spaces with multiple stories may be warmer the higher up you go
  • Server rooms need more powerful cool to counteract the heat generated by computers
  • Larger rooms require more powerful cooling to compensate for the increased area

These are just some of the unique cooling requirements you may find in a commercial property – each of which will have to be carefully considered when designing your air conditioning system.

2) Pay attention to your windows

Windows are often taken for granted – as such, many business owners don’t even consider the effect this can have on the temperature.

Windows allow direct sunlight into your commercial property. And as we all know, this leads to your rooms warming up considerably faster.

During system design, you may notice your air conditioning expert spending a lot of time around your windows. That’s because we’re trying to determine how much heat your windows are letting in.

In particular, we’re looking at the:

  • Size of your windows
  • Direction they face
  • Thickness of glass
  • Amount of shade and direct sunlight
  • Tint

Each of these influences how much sunlight enters your business – by extension, it also affects what kind of air conditioning system will be most effective if you want to keep your business cool.

For example, if none of the large windows in your building face full east, or full west, you’ll be exposed to less direct sunlight. This means you won’t heat up as much as a business that does.

By extension, this means your air conditioning system won’t need to operate for as long, which gives us more leeway with the type of system we prescribe to your property.

To be sure though, you should definitely get the experts in commercial air conditioning in Brisbane to be sure.

commercial air conditioning brisbane

3) Your operations

In many businesses, operations generate are a source of heat – how much exactly varies, depending on the type of business you run!

Factory machinery, computer servers, commercial kitchens… these are the types of business functions and operations that generate a lot of heat. As such, they will require more powerful cooling.

Even offices might need to shell out for a more powerful air conditioner if a typical day sees multiple workers cramming themselves into a small office space.

During system design, your air conditioning expert will ask about how many people are at work at a time, as well as  how much heat certain business functions generate.

What type of system best suits your business?

Perhaps one of the most crucial elements of your air conditioning systems is the type of system you use.

At Tri-Tech, we can perform commercial air conditioning in Brisbane using a variety of different systems:

Each has its own benefits and quirks – for example, a ducted system offers the greatest coverage.

A small duct system offers the same benefits as original ducted system except with one key added benefit: a small duct system is, as the name suggests, smaller. This means it can fit into tighter space and is perfect for any building with architectural quirks.

For small offices and retail stores, a split system might do the trick!

And then there are big, commercial-grade air conditioning systems. Think of these as ducted cooling on steroids, allowing you to individually control the temperature in multiple rooms, making them the perfect choice for large offices, hotels and schools among others.

System design is crucial for high-quality air conditioning installation in Brisbane

… as such, you’ll want to be sure that it’s done properly!

These are just a handful of the considerations that go into system design – if we were to list all of them, we’d be here for hours.

Hopefully, you now understand how complicated and in-depth system design can be, and why it’s important to call a team that knows what they’re doing.

When you call Tri-Tech for commercial air conditioning installation in Brisbane, you can be confident knowing that you’re getting the very best in service.

We aren’t just saying it, either – it’s official! Our team has earned a number of awards within our industry, most recently this year, when we were named the number-one dealer for Mitsubishi air conditioning in south-east Queensland.

And frankly, it isn’t hard to see why:

  • 35 years experience
  • Licenced and registered
  • Expert advice
  • Licenced warranty agents
  • Fast response times
  • Utilise good brands

You can rest easy knowing that a Tri-Tech designed air conditioning system will align perfectly with what your business needs.

We take into account the most minute variables when performing system design, ensuring your business stays cool and comfortable for years to come.

If you are interested in updating your air conditioning, beat the summer rush and contact us today, or call our team on (07) 3394 0222 to discuss your options.

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