These are some of the most common air conditioning installation mistakes

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Air conditioning installation is a big, complex job.

And we say complex, we mean it – even the most straightforward jobs require us to deal with a wide range of different moving parts.

That means that there are a lot of places where things can potentially go wrong.

While rare, it isn’t unheard of for mistakes to be made during air conditioning installation – mistakes that can negatively impact your comfort and drive up your power bills.

Luckily, choosing the right team and planning your new system out properly can help you avoid the following issues and give you the best aircon installation possible!

What are common problems with air conditioner installation?

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Electrical wiring faults

Air conditioning systems are more than just tubes, ducts and refrigerants – they also require extensive electrical wiring to make them work properly.

Needless to say, any issues with your electrical wiring such as mistakes, oversights or poor workmanship may result in a range of cooling problems.

Many air conditioning installers only have a basic understanding of wiring needed to get the job done. As a result, they might struggle with tougher jobs.

Fun fact: this is why our air conditioning team in Brisbane also employs licensed electrical contractors. Many of our team members are fully-qualified sparkies, meaning that we’re able to handle the electrical side of any air conditioning job.

Ignoring system design

Let’s just say there’s a reason we’re constantly going on about the importance of system design!

The system design process is all about choosing the perfect air conditioning system for your home. For most installers, this process boils down to looking at how big your room or home is and choosing a system accordingly.

Room volume is important, no doubt – however, it isn’t the only factor at play. Things such as insulation quality, windows, room orientation, airflow, ventilation, appliances… all of these impact temperature, and in turn, how powerful your system will need to be.

Ignoring all of these extra factors can result in an inadequate system being installed, and your home being a lot warmer than it should be in summer!

Choosing a cheap, no-name brand

We get that you want to save a buck – however, choosing a dodgy no-name brand shouldn’t be how you do it.

Not only are cheap brands less reliable overall, but there’s also the maintenance question to think about. Most of these no-name brands have minimal Australian presence, which can make it extremely difficult to source spare parts or find qualified technicians.

And parts aren’t the only way that cheap brands’ lack of Australian presence can hurt you – what about warranties?

Here at Tri-Tech for example, we choose exclusively world-renowned brands like Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin. In addition to quality systems and extras, there’s also an extensive support network based right here in Australia.

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Installing the outdoor unit in a bad spot

Each air conditioning system has an outdoor unit where the magic happens. In split systems, this contains the compressor – in a ducted system, it contains everything.

Whichever type of system you’ve chosen, it’s important that you choose a spot that:

  • Has good airflow – the outdoor unit generates heat, which needs to escape
  • Is free of dust and dirt – this prevents filter clogging
  • Is in the shade – sunlight can raise the internal temperature of your system

A good air conditioning installer won’t just consider all of these details when deciding where to mount your outdoor unit – they’ll also tell you what you should avoid doing (such as putting plants around your outdoor unit).

Is it okay to install an air conditioner sideways?

It depends!

A lot of Brisbanites have unique requests when it comes to air conditioning installation.

Some, like the heading suggests, request indoor units to be installed sideways. Others want air conditioning ducts built into staircases or other unique spots.

Just to be clear, it is possible to accommodate these – however, special preparation needs to be done to make it work.

You can’t just take a wall-mounted unit and rotate it 90 degrees – you’ll need a special one that’s designed to sit that way.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when installing air conditioning is requesting a unique set-up, but not ordering a system that can accommodate for it.

The biggest mistake of all: not choosing a qualified team

Each of these are problems – however, they can be overcome or avoided if you have an experienced and qualified team on your side.

The right team can avoid workmanship issues altogether, ensure your system is designed properly and help advise you on any more out-there proposals you might have.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners either don’t vet their air conditioning team or do a bad job of it, resulting in a wide range of air conditioning installation issues such as the ones listed above (and many more!)

Need someone to look after your aircon in Brisbane? Our mobile tech-team has you covered!

How do you diagnose air conditioner problems?

How do I know if my AC is broken?

The first step in correcting installation mistakes is determining whether or not your air conditioning installation is plagued with one (or more) of these issues.

Luckily for you, fault air conditioning systems and dodgy installations have very bad poker faces, and have a number of obvious “tells” that can tip you off that something’s wrong.

You aren’t comfortable

A properly-installed system should keep you cool and comfortable, – really, there’s nothing else that needs to be said!

If your system isn’t keeping you cool, it could be a wear-and-tear issue – alternatively, it could be an installation problem rearing its ugly head. The only way to find out for sure is to call a professional.

High power bills

An improperly installed system doesn’t just make your summers uncomfortable – it can also drive up your power bills.

Whether it’s a poorly-designed system that doesn’t accommodate your home, electrical faults or an outdoor unit that’s overheating due to sunlight, lack of airflow and filter clogs, higher electricity usage can be a sign that:

  1. Your system needs repairs
  2. There’s an installation issue


Whether it’s water from the condenser or the refrigerant that makes the entire process work, there are a lot of different liquids involved in the cooling process.

In many cases, shoddy workmanship during the installation process can result in water or refrigerant leaking out.

Luckily, this is a relatively quick fix – just be sure you get a pro to take care of it this time (and if refrigerant is involved, don’t try to DIY it, as it can burn your skin).

Can an air conditioner explode?

Luckily, installation issues rarely result in an air conditioner exploding – this issue is so rare, you probably shouldn’t waste time thinking about it.

That said, installation issues can result in issues such as overheating, and even catching fire in some extreme instances.

All the more reason to ensure your system is installed properly!

Get your system installed properly

Tri-Tech is Brisbane’s leading team for air conditioning installation and service

With more than 30 years of experience under our belts and an extensive range of reliable systems from trustworthy brands, our air conditioning team ensures that your installation is carried out safely and properly.

Our team carries out a range of different air conditioning services, all across Brisbane and the surrounds. From homeowners looking to upgrade their home comfort to aircon for builders, we’ve got your installation needs covered.

And it isn’t just installation, either. Whether you need air conditioning service in Murarrie or air conditioning repairs in Coorparoo, our team does it all.

Curious about what options might work with your home? Want to learn about what sorts of aircon installment payments you might have to deal with?

Whatever questions you have, our team is ready to answer – just give us a call on (07) 3394 0222, or click here to get in touch online.

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