A day in the life: what does our air conditioning repair team in Brisbane do?

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If you ask us, the cooler months are probably the best time to get your air conditioning system serviced.

Why’s that?

It’s simple: during the warmer months (and in the immediate lead-up), we’re absolutely swamped by calls for air conditioning installation.

Even booking a routine inspection can be a challenge, what with all the demand for our (excellent) air conditioning services.

During winter though? That’s a completely different story.

Despite the inherent logic of waiting for the quiet season to book air conditioning installation, many homeowners in Brisbane simply don’t.

Whether it’s because it simply falls by the wayside or because it doesn’t cross their minds, we may never know.

Of course, that’s good news for you!

If you need air conditioning repairs in Brisbane, winter is hands-down the best time to book it.

Not only does it minimise the amount of waiting time, but it also means you won’t have to miss out on that all-important cooling as soon as the weather starts heating up!

Some of the more common issues we get called to include…

Call for air conditioning repairs for refrigerant loss

Without refrigerant, your air conditioner is nothing.

That’s because refrigerant is what’s responsible for the entire cooling process.

It’s this refrigerant that absorbs heat out of the air, turning the hot air in your home into pure, refreshing, cool air.

Needless to say, when refrigerant levels start running low, your system’s ability to keep you cool sees a significant drop!

Each member of our mobile tech team holds a current Refrigerant Handling License, which certifies that we can safely handle and replenish air conditioner refrigerant.

Not to mention, we’re also licensed vendors – in addition to sourcing replacement refrigerant, we can also order retrofit systems that use obsolete refrigerant, or find substitutes for refrigerant that’s no longer commercially available – like R-22.

Got drainage issues? You need air conditioning repairs!

One of the most common problems our mobile tech team get called out to are drainage issues.

This simple section of plastic tubing does many jobs – in particular, it’s responsible for the drainage of condensation and excess moisture.

Excess moisture can lead to mould, corrosion, or worse in your air conditioning unit – we shouldn’t have to tell you that moisture and electricity are a bad mix.

Needless to say, this job sees a lot of moisture, dust, debris and other tiny particulates build up!

This can block your drainage line, leading to problems in your air conditioning unit.

An air conditioning specialist in Brisbane can identify problems with your drainage systems, clogs included.

Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, Tri-Tech’s mobile tech team will them remedy the issue.

The best way to solve it however? Regular air conditioning repairs and service!

Suffering electrical issues? You need air conditioning service

At Tri-Tech, many of our air conditioning experts in Brisbane are also licensed to perform electrical work.

In addition to enabling our electrical services, it’s also essential for many air conditioning installation jobs.

That’s because modern air conditioners feature complex electronics and wiring – especially as they get more and more complex and advanced!

Problems can arise when these electrical parts and wiring break, degrade, or otherwise develop faults.

Thanks to our electrical qualifications, Tri-Tech’s team are able to fix all sorts of air conditioning problems – and that includes electrical issues.

We can diagnose, repair and replace the delicate electrical wiring and circuitry that enables your air conditioner to do its job, without the need to call a sparkie or subcontractor.

air conditioning service in Brisbane

Thermostat problems? You need a specialised air conditioning expert

Sometimes the issue doesn’t lie with your air conditioner’s wiring, ducting, drains or even the condenser unit – sometimes, the issue is with the thermostat.

This is an issue because it messes with your air conditioner’s ability to cycle.

Without a functioning thermostat, your air conditioner might start cycling on its own or behave erratically, as the thermostat might start giving your system inaccurate temperature readings.

At Tri-Tech, our team can diagnose and remedy issues with your air conditioning thermostat.

MyAir Brisbane

It doesn’t end there, however – in addition to providing the best air conditioning repairs in Brisbane, we can also replace your thermostat wholesale, or replace it with a new system that offers far greater control and flexibility.

One home comfort brand we’re especially proud to offer is MyAir.

In addition to 10 separate zones of comfort, MyAir also comes with the option of multiple thermostats, ensuring that you always have an accurate read of your home temperature.

Additionally, MyAir also comes with the option of individual heat and motion sensors in each room, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about a bugged thermostat messing up your cooling.

And finally, the piece-de-resistance: all of this can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet!

If you’re interested in MyAir in Brisbane for year-round comfort, get in touch with Tri-Tech!

Tri the best team for air conditioning repairs in Brisbane

This isn’t just a brag, either – we’ve recently been recognised as Mitsubishi’s dealer of the year for south-east Queensland, making it official!

Even in the middle of winter, our mobile tech-team is hard at work.

We’re busy criss-crossing the city, responding to all sorts of air conditioning jobs like HVAC installation, electrical work and air conditioning repairs in Brisbane.

Yes, while the colder months may be quieter, that doesn’t mean our work is over – far from it!

If you need air conditioning repairs, this winter is the time to book it.

And Tri-Tech is  the team to do it!

Call Tri-Tech today on (07) 3394 0222 or click here to get a free quote.

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