What you need to know about the R22 phase-out

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There’s no way around it: if you need air conditioning in Brisbane, you need an expert team on your side.

And not just because the work itself is highly specialised, with the wiring, legal obligations and whatnot (although that’s certainly important!)

No, it’s also because there are a whole host of hidden considerations that only an air conditioning expert can point out for you.

One of the most common pitfalls we see are Brisbane homeowners choosing systems that still use a refrigerant called R22 (aka HCFC-22).


What is R22, and why is it on the way out?

The key to any air conditioning system is the refrigerant. This is what’s responsible for doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your home cool.

R22 is (or at least, was) one of the most popular ones since the 1990s.

The reason we say “was” is because R22 has a nasty side-effect: it’s terrible for the environment.

Releases of R22 (including leaks) are damaging to the Earth’s ozone layer.

Hence, world governments ratified the Montreal Protocol, agreeing to gradually phase-out the usage of this particular refrigerant.

How the R22 phase-out will affect your air conditioner

As of 2016, roughly 17% of all air conditioning systems in Australia used R22 – as such, there’s a chance that your air conditioning system may be one of the ones affected by this phase-out.

The phase-out will be gradual – amounts of R22 will still be available to purchase.

However, with the supply of R22 dwindling, the price is sure to rise – maintaining a steady supply of R22 for your system could get very expensive.

Not to mention, there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to continue sourcing R22 in the near future!


What to do if your air conditioner uses R22

Choose Tri-Tech for air conditioning in Brisbane, and you can be confident that you’ll receive the best possible service.

We take great pride in the advice and suggestions that we offer – we’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to make the best-informed decision regarding your air conditioner.

However, not all air conditioning installers in Brisbane are so trustworthy!

Despite the phase-out already being underway, many air conditioner installers continue to install these obsolete systems.

The reasoning is simple: they have excess stock on hand that they need to get rid of!

Some dodgy air conditioning companies in Brisbane might have warehouses full of old units that use R22 as their main refrigerant.

In their rush to offload all of this stock, some operators might decide to offer these systems to customers without informing them of the R22 phase-out.

So, what can you do if you fall victim to this?

Retrofit your existing air conditioner

Despite what some misinformed or money-hungry air conditioning installers might tell you, having a system that uses R22 doesn’t mean having to get a new air conditioning system installed.

Many R22 systems can be regassed with non-HCFC refrigerants. This will depend on the type of air conditioner you own, and whether or not your system can be retrofitted.

What you can’t do is top up an R22 system with a different refrigerant and expect it to work.

That’d be like mixing petrol with diesel – a very bad idea!

Not to mention, it will void your warranty too – just another reason to not mix-and-match your refrigerants.

To find out whether your system can be retrofitted safely, we suggest calling an air conditioning expert and having them come out, inspect your unit, and provide the safest and most effective solution.

Use a drop-in refrigerant

While you can’t mix gases, there are other R22-compatible refrigerants out there.

These refrigerants have been designed to work with units originally designed for R22 and other HCFC refrigerants – without the need for a regas or a retrofit of your system.

Tri-Tech’s mobile tech team doesn’t just recommend compatible R22 alternatives – as licensed suppliers, we can also source and install them for you.

While they’re not as efficient as R22, in many cases the marginal decrease in performance can still be preferable to the cost of getting a brand-new system replaced.

This solution is ideal for situations where your R22 system still has a lot of life left in it, or your property uses a large, industrial-scale air conditioning system (we’re talking shopping centres and office towers here).

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How can Tri-Tech’s air conditioning experts in Brisbane help?

With 30 years of experience, our mobile tech team has seen just about every problem there is with your air conditioning unit.

And that includes helping homeowners and businesses who still use R22 air conditioning systems.

If you need air conditioning Brisbane, choose Tri-Tech. We’ll help you:

  • Retrofit your system for new, environmentally-friendly refrigerants
  • Source and install R22 alternatives
  • Replace old air conditioners with new ones that don’t use R22

Our team takes great efforts to keep up with the latest trends in the air conditioning industry.

We’ll provide you with qualified, up-to-date advice and information – in cases of systems that still use R22, we’ll assess your environment and provide a solution that’s economical and effective.

Need air conditioning repairs?

Have an older system that needs replacing?

Is your air conditioner overdue for a routine inspection?

No matter the issue, Tri-Tech’s air conditioning team in Brisbane can help – give us a call today on (07) 3394 0222, or click here to leave us a message.

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