What’s the best type of air conditioning for Brisbane schools?

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What does it take to succeed in school?

Is it integrating more tech into the curriculum? Smaller class sizes? Keeping up with technology?

While there’s plenty of evidence supporting each of these measures, there’s one more factor you mightn’t immediately think of: the importance of comfort in the classroom.

This is especially important in the sweltering Brisbane summer (and our city’s overall mild year-round weather!)!

While the worst may be behind us now, that doesn’t mean that your school should wait – in fact, this is probably the BEST time for air conditioning installation in Brisbane.

The importance of classroom comfort

Multiple studies all say the same thing: classroom comfort directly affects student outcomes.

You don’t even need a study to prove this – just think back to the last summer, and the highs that Brisbane’s temperatures reached. Remember trying to work through that?

If you do, we’re sure you experienced:

  • A lack of focus
  • Poorer memory and retention
  • A drop in motivation

Your students are no different!

A classroom that’s too hot can hurt learning, impact knowledge retention, and harm student outcomes.

But air conditioning can help!

The health angle

It isn’t just comfort that can affect student outcomes, either – so too can health.

Each day a student spends sick is a day they aren’t learning. And even if a student is well enough to attend class, their focus is going to be affected.

Air conditioning can help prevent this altogether by:

  • Purifying and filtering your air
  • Removing germs and bacteria
  • Fighting heat-related symptoms
  • Reducing humidity

Thanks to reverse cycle technology, many of the systems on the market are also capable of heating. Cold weakens the immune system; by keeping your school warm and comfortable (NOT hot!), you can keep students healthy in winter as well as summer!

What are your options for school air conditioning in Brisbane?

By now, you know the benefits of air conditioning installation for Brisbane schools, and how it can help your students excel.

Now comes the next question: what system is best suited for your school?

The truth is, it all depends on your school!

Our unique system design process goes into depth, analysing a variety of different factors, all to ensure that your school gets the best system possible.

What does that include?

Size and area

Big rooms require a more powerful air conditioning system – simple as that!

When installing air conditioning for schools, our mobile tech team measures the size and volume of your classrooms in order to calculate how much cooling power your system will need to maintain a comfortable temperature.

If your school uses an open-plan layout, as is the current trend with schools in Queensland, you’re going to need a more powerful system.

air conditioning for schools

Proximity of rooms and school layout

Are all of your classrooms in the same building? Or are they spread out among several different blocks?

Believe it or not, this can have an impact on your school’s air conditioning system design.

If you have several buildings without anything connecting them, there won’t be any way to reach all of them using a single ducted air conditioning system that can reach all of them. Instead, each one will need its own system.

And what about standalones like portables?

Room usage

Not all rooms are going to be the same temperature – factors like insulation, orientation and windows can all impact how hot a room gets at the height of summer.

That isn’t all, however – the room’s intended use can also play a role.

A typical classroom usually doesn’t require any specialised cooling. But what about the server room for your school intranet? Or a food tech room with all of its ovens, stoves and cooking appliances?

Naturally, these rooms are going to create a lot more heat – thus, they’ll also need flexible air conditioning too!


A couple of years ago, we were selected to carry out air conditioning installation for Brisbane Girls Grammar School.

The biggest challenge we faced? No, it wasn’t the size of the building, or the tight deadline – rather, it was the age of the building itself!

As an older building, our team had to work around a building that wasn’t designed with air conditioning in mind.

Not only that, but it was a heritage-listed building too, so we had to take great care to ensure that the building’s character was maintained!

Air conditioning systems for schools: the Cooler Schools initiative

According to some experts, we’re still 10 years away from installing air conditioning in all Queensland schools.

The Cooler Schools plan aims to change that.

As part of this initiative, the Queensland government is allocating millions of dollars to hundreds of state schools that currently lack air conditioning.

The goal is simple: to improve student outcomes by providing heating and air conditioning for schools throughout Queensland.

While there are many teams that can provide air conditioning in Brisbane, there are few that have the experience and skill necessary to look after clients like schools:

  • Schools are much larger than a traditional home
  • Their needs are unique
  • They have varying structural differences 
  • Solutions don’t always scale up

You can’t settle for a team whose record only includes homes – you need someone who has experience with big jobs like these!

Call Tri-Tech for air conditioning in Brisbane schools

A lot of different things go into building a better school environment. One of the most important – and most often misunderstood? The climate.

Tri-Tech is the team to call for air conditioning in Brisbane, whether it’s for a home, office, factory or a school.

When it comes to your students you want to make sure they get the best possible education. 

Our in-depth approach towards air conditioning installation in Brisbane allows us to provide just that!

Our team works with schools all over Brisbane, no matter which side of the river you’re located. We even work with teams as far out as Ipswitch, Caloundra in the north, and Southport in the south.

If you want to build a more comfortable learning environment for your students (and let’s not forget, your teachers and admin staff, too!) get in touch with our team today on (07) 3394 0222, or enquire online now.

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