Air Conditioning MacGregor

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Air Conditioning MacGregor

For more than 30 years, Tri-Tech Air Conditioning has been the leading company for air conditioning in MacGregor and surrounding Brisbane suburbs.

At Tri-Tech, we create comfortable, healthy, functional, and safe spaces for our clients by providing them with air conditioning installation, repairs, and maintenance.

We know that each client has different needs, so we are committed to offering tailor-made solutions and services, without jeopardising the aesthetics of your home or commercial building.

We outshine our competitors with excellent performance, quality, and efficiency. We work across many spaces, from residential houses to corporate offices and warehouses; no job is too big or small!

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Air Conditioning Installation Macgregor

A professionally executed air conditioning installation is the key to an effective and long-term air conditioning system. Choose only the best – choose Tri-Tech!

Today, air conditioners have become an integral part of offices, industrial premises, and residential homes.

The purpose of air conditioning is to maintain a stable indoor temperature, through uniform air flow, good humidity levels, and clean air, making the living or working environment comfortable and pleasant.

Tri-Tech are your air conditioning experts in Macgregor whose extensive experience in the sector allows us to be one of Brisbane’s most trusted companies in the HVAC industry.

We simply do not just install; we advise, make calculations, evaluate the environment, design your installation, and consult you on the best air conditioning system and brand for your property.

We install all types of air conditioning systems, from ducted to split systems, and are warranty agents of the most outstanding and efficient brands of air conditioning: Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, and MyAir.

The efficient and long-term operation of air conditioners depends not only on the quality of the equipment, but also on their properly planned and professional installation.

Trust only the experts and enquire about Tri-Tech’s air conditioning installation services today.

Air Conditioning Repairs MacGregor

Do you have a faulty air conditioner in MacGregor? Sometimes even the highest quality air conditioning system can fail. DIY repairs of air conditioners leads to further costs from mistakes made.

Only specialists can identify the exact cause of breakdowns and carry out high-quality repairs.

So don’t try to DIY! Contact Tri-Tech Air Conditioning if you need urgent air conditioning service or repairs.

Tri-Tech is engaged not only in the design and installation of air conditioning systems from trusted manufacturers, but also provides service at the highest level.

Our mobile tech team are able to attend to any emergency that is required either within your business or at home in MacGregor, with all the necessary equipment already prepared and stored in our vans.

Our service engineers can carry out repairs both at the place where your air conditioner gets installed, and at our service site if necessary.

Some reasons for the malfunction of air conditioning can be from:

  • The clogging of filters
  • Compressor malfunction
  • Equipment breakdown
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Why choose us?

  • Prompt on-site visit by a repair specialist to your home or commercial premises
  • Create an individual approach to each client
  • Can solve problems of any complexity
  • Experienced specialists with more than 30 years’ experience
  • Warranty agents of air conditioning brands such as Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric

Air Conditioning Maintenance MacGregor

In a lot of cases, people get air conditioning installed and begin to use it in the same way as any other household appliance, such as a TV or computer, acting on the principle – let it work until it breaks.

However, for air conditioning, such a habit is likely to lead to costly repairs and serious breakdown within just two years. Take care of your air conditioning the way it takes care of you. Enquire about Tri-Tech’s air conditioning maintenance plans today.

In order for your air conditioner to work for the entire period it’s supposed to – from 7 to 12 years – you need to call an air conditioning company for maintenance at least once every year.

You may think you are maintaining your AC yourself by cleaning the filters regularly. But high-quality air conditioning maintenance is not just about washing removable filters under running water.

Maintenance done by a legitimate, trusted air conditioning company does much more than that and can increase the equipment service life and the efficiency of its functions.

Air conditioning maintenance also includes:

  • Cleaning of indoor and outdoor units
  • Checking the performance and serviceability of the electric motor
  • Checking circuit connections
  • Inspection of the drainage system
  • Flushing the outdoor unit with a jet of compressed air using a compressor
  • Replacing worn out parts

The difference in air conditioning performance before and after cleaning and maintenance can be significant.

This is why Tri-Tech strongly recommends getting preventative routine maintenance. Contact us today to organise an inspection or repairs by calling (07) 3394 0222.

Tri-Tech Air Conditioning Brisbane

Whether you want to replace your outdated system with modern splits, or need ducted air conditioning Brisbane for a new build,
Tri-Tech are the team to call for air conditioning installation, service, and repairs anywhere in Brisbane.

Every day, our skilled mobile tech team are moving all across Brisbane and its surrounds, from Caloundra to Southport.

Too hot? Don’t sweat it – Tri-Tech it!