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Want to enjoy the power of ducted cooling but unsure if you’ve got the space?

Small duct air conditioning is the answer!

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Small duct systems: are they right for you?

Like the name suggests, Small Duct Systems use air conditioning ducts that are considerably narrower in diameter.

How narrow are we talking? In some cases, they can be as small as 10 centimetres in diameter – compare that to the largest commercial ducting, which can reach up to a metre across!

What difference does the size of the duct make? You might be surprised! While it’s a relatively small difference, its effects are considerable…

Unmatched flexibility

Unmatched flexibility

Compact and narrow ducting saves space and completely eliminates the need for heavy metal mountings and bulkheads.

This grants you unmatched flexibility and choice when you choose small duct systems – SDS can be fitted into narrower spaces, including under staircases, in your walls and more!

You won’t need to redesign anything

You won’t need to redesign anything

Vaulted ceilings. Flat roofs. Older homes. Certain properties simple can’t support a ducted cooling system without considerable redesigning and renovation.

Already have your dream house planned? Can’t bear to redraw your plans to accommodate a new air conditioning system? With small duct systems, you won’t have to!

More powerful cooling

More powerful cooling

Small duct systems push the same amount of cool air through a much narrower duct. The result is that air comes out at a higher velocity, and disperses more evenly when it does.

The result? More powerful and consistent cooling than conventional ducted cooling systems!



Smaller ducts mean less energy is needed to deliver the same amount of cooling.

As a result, small duct air conditioning can reduce the cost of running your air conditioner by up to 50% compared to traditional ducted systems.

Not to mention, small ducts are less prone to temperature fluctuations, further reduce the amount of energy your system uses.

Choose Tri-Tech for Small Duct air conditioning in Brisbane

When it comes to small duct air conditioning in Brisbane, Tri-Tech are the team to call.

Our team of air conditioning experts pride themselves on the quality of our work. Part of that is our unmatched experience (30 years and counting) – the other part is the brands we work with.

We’re very particular with which manufacturers we include in our portfolio of brands – and one brand we’re particularly proud to work with is AirSmart.

Founded in Melbourne, AirSmart is Australia’s leading manufacturer of small duct systems, and largely responsible for the recent increase in popularity.

Choose Tri-Tech for Small Duct air conditioning in Brisbane

The AirSmart Venturi small duct system offers sleek, modern, and efficient small ducted system technology. Combined with multiple control zones and high-quality filtering technology, AirSmart is easily the best choice for small duct air conditioning.

Combine that with Tri-Tech’s reputation, and it’s obvious why we’re a match made in heaven!