Air Conditioning Capalaba

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Air Conditioning Capalaba

This reasonably affordable suburb is a hit with families both new and established

And key to any comfortable family life – especially in Brisbane – is air conditioning installation.

It’s even more important in this suburb, which borders the Tingalpa Reservoir.

Local environmental factors such as this – as well as specific variables that are unique to your home – make the system design process one of the most critical parts of planning for air conditioning installation.

Comfort comes first in this family-friendly suburb.

And that’s what our team of air conditioning Brisbane experts aim to provide!

Air Conditioning Capalaba

Air conditioning installation Capalaba

If you ask us, it isn’t enough to just think about air conditioning installation in terms of units.

In our collective opinion, the way to go about it is to start thinking of your air conditioning as a whole system.

That can include:

  • Multiple split systems
  • Zoning for ducted systems
  • Considerations for each area’s unique needs
  • Temperature control systems

That’s what we refer to with the “system” part of system design.

It isn’t just about choosing an air conditioning unit to fit your budget – it’s about designing an entire system (and additional extras) to maximise your comfort.

During system design, we take into account the unique cooling needs of your home.

Room volume, insulation, windows, building orientation… you name it, and it’ll be taken into consideration.

It’s only this way that we’re able to design a system that perfectly meets your family’s needs!

Other air conditioning services

Air conditioning installation is only part of the services our air conditioning team offers. Just as important as the installation are the other air conditioning services our team provides.

While they don’t get as much air time as air conditioning installation, they are an important part of maintaining your comfort.

Unlike other teams who will install a system and then disappear from your life, our mobile tech-team is committed to keeping you comfortable for the long run.

We will be with you long after the initial installation is complete with a range of additional air conditioning services…

Air conditioning repairs and service

Like any other mechanical device, air conditioning systems aren’t immune from breakages and wear-and-tear.

When this happens, our team comes to the rescue with fast and effective air conditioning repairs, helping you stay comfy all throughout summer.

  • On-the-spot repairs and fixes
  • Service that extends throughout SE Queensland
  • We’ll maintain your warranty

Of course, it isn’t just emergency repairs, either – preventative maintenance can prolong the life of your air conditioner, while also helping you avoid the discomfort that comes with your system suddenly failing at the height of summer.

Our mobile tech team are official Daikin Brisbane warranty agents and Mitsubishi Electric Aircon Diamond Dealers – and for good reason. When your air conditioning system fails, our team is right there, ready to assist with a fix.

Air conditioning upgrade and replace

There are many reasons to spring for air conditioning upgrades:

  • Improved energy-efficiency
  • More powerful, effective cooling
  • New high-tech extras

Air conditioning systems have made great strides over the last couple of years. 

Unfortunately, not all of these revolutions in home comfort can be retrofitted into existing air conditioning systems.

Of course, it isn’t just a case of wanting to bring the latest in air conditioning innovations into your home – in some cases, it could simply be that your current system has reached the end of its useful life, and is in need of an upgrade to maintain your comfort.

Whichever one it is, we’re the team to call!

Ducted air conditioning

When it comes to new builds and air conditioning upgrades, there’s one type of system that absolutely dominates the types of jobs we get called to: ducted air conditioning.

Our team are ducted air conditioning experts. While many teams only do split systems owing to their relative simplicity, our team specialises in ducted air conditioning Brisbane:

  • Ducted system-specific knowledge
  • Huge range of systems
  • Extensive experience with ducted air conditioning installation

What does that mean for you? A more effective system, installed quicker, and more comfortable home as a result!

Tri the best air conditioning team in Brisbane. Give Tri-Tech a call today on (07) 3394 0222 or request a FREE quote now!

Tri-Tech Air Conditioning Brisbane

Whether you want to replace your outdated system with modern splits, or need ducted air conditioning Brisbane for a new build,
Tri-Tech are the team to call for air conditioning installation, service, and repairs anywhere in Brisbane.

Every day, our skilled mobile tech team are moving all across Brisbane and its surrounds, from Caloundra to Southport.

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